Mastering master data

Written by: Igor Peregrino

Data-driven decision-making is the backbone of effective asset management. However, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data that inform major decisions can be challenging. Organisations seeking a competitive advantage turn to computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to consolidate all asset data, perform data analysis, and generate KPI’s and management reports.

A CMMS is a system widely used by asset-intensive industries to centralize and standardize all master data that supports maintenance and operation processes. This data is used to facilitate important asset optimisation decisions such as the allocation of resources, planning, execution, and inventory control.

Ultimately, the goal of this data is to make important decisions with confidence, yet it can often be difficult to access and manipulate CMMS data with a unified view. Tools such as Orien can make this easier, leading to a clearer picture of what is going on in the organization and substantially simplifying decision making.

Master data

Master Data is information that an organisation has permitted for use across all company sectors and by other systems. Master data in asset management is defined from the asset hierarchy to the execution of maintenance, including the entire maintenance strategy, labour, spare parts, etc.

Accurate master data is essential to improve the reliability of operational processes. In addition, it makes it easier to identify, control and suggest actions to mitigate losses or improve operating conditions that may otherwise present high costs and safety risks to the business and its people.

Orien – a CMMS’s best friend

While a CMMS offers a great solution to centralize important information, they are often structured using different data sets and transaction tables, requiring users to switch screens or operations to consolidate asset data. From a managerial standpoint, this makes it challenging to conduct an analysis and present a comprehensive view of the lifecycle of assets and their maintenance strategies.

Orien is a robust, web-based asset management software that complements and integrates with the CMMS system to solve this challenge. It has a hierarchical view of assets and their respective maintenance plans, maintenance items, task lists and operations, which simplifies the management and standardization of master data. This high-level view allows organisations to visualize macro processes and technical equipment libraries and provides much-needed visibility into the global context of the data.

Orien in action – a client success

A leading global mining client required a software solution to optimise their maintenance strategies by applying reliability engineering methodologies and best practices while integrating with their existing SAP CMMS system.

Over a 2.5 year timeframe, we leveraged Orien’s extensive asset database to optimise maintenance strategies across their 361 assets. The database includes 3000 components comprising 67.7k failure modes, 107k maintenance activities, 1.8k maintenance plans and 4.1k operations.

All of this data can be accessed in a centralized way using Orien, and the defined maintenance strategies can be synchronized with SAP, which reduces the time required for structuring and revising maintenance plans. In addition, Orien is integrated with the mobile activity execution control platform, which includes the automatic insertion of necessary parameters for better monitoring and analysis of asset life data.

Investing in Orien to complement an existing CMMS improves the accuracy and reliability of the CMMS master data by enabling the construction of multiple transactions in an organized, integrated, and hierarchical environment. This makes it easier to access and manipulate data with a unified view, and ultimately make important decisions with confidence.

Orien bio

Orien is a cloud-based, asset management solution built in collaboration with leading industry experts and used by the largest asset-intensive industries across the globe. With Orien, it’s easy to consolidate, collaborate on, and control maintenance strategies and budgets across your organization to keep assets working for you. Our clients manage lifecycle costs and reduce uncertainty by understanding the critical activities that keep their operation running. With teams located worldwide and 24/7 support, Orien is quick to deploy and easy to learn.

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